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Logistic Deputy /Mr. Siamak Mohammadi

  • Direct, plan, coordinate and control financial and administrative activities of the company in accordance with approved regulations, guidelines and procedures
  • Establish divisions and subdivisions in order to achieve financial division’s goals
  • Develop promotional guidelines for the financial and administrative employees
  • Develop guidelines and procedures in order to standardize accounting practices in various departments
  • Budget and fund projects in facilitate project execution
  • Register financial records; review and analyze reports in order to clarify the financial standing of internal departments
  • Supervise optimized utilization of administrative and human resources in accordance with the company’s goals in the productivity optimization of resources.
  • Responsible for all work place logistical and administrative activities that would ensure personnel’s optimized performance which includes:
  • Procurement and distribution of all work related tools and hardware necessities for the company and its personnel
  • Maintenance and repair of the offices including their utilities and equipment
  • Providing administrative services related to meetings, conferences and company events
  • Sale of used, salvaged and left over items
  • Supervision and control of the optimized utilization of company resources